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New Adds!

So Super Sailor Moon has arrived!

A few more pictures after the cut!Collapse )


I am vvvvvery excited! I present two girls I've been seeking.

First off my favorite shot of the batch! Operetta!

only about 4 picturesCollapse )

Lagoona Pic Fic

I wonder where all the other Ghouls - *gasp*!!

Someone Else Came home!Collapse )

Update! Yay!!

First off, this is not mine, but she is SO AMAZING that I had to share. I hope you know what this is from! ;)

Real Riding Mulan with Kahn and Mushu!Collapse )

Happy New Year!

I have an update coming soon, I'm just worn out from work!

Christmas with Rudolph!

The Disney Girls' Christmas
Features, Soft & Sweet Mulan, Bell, and Snow White with Funtime Jasmine by Fisher Price!

Disney Girls Holiday

It's a baby Doll Christmas! lolCollapse )

It's been too long!!

I haven't posted in a while, mostly just time being eaten up by other things. I got 3 new Mulan Baby Dolls, 1 incomplete, 1 not pictured quite yet, and 1 isn't deboxed yet. I also deboxed my Designer Mulan Doll.

I also have had Zero luck finding Holly Sleigh Bells and Swirly Figure 8 :(


lots of pics of my baby dolls!Collapse )
It's the first snow of the season and I had to capture it. So why not add a doll? My Sailor Moon Dolls are way jealous of all the attention my Mulan dolls are getting. So I took out Mercury to appease them.
Mercury Builds a Snowman

a few moreCollapse )

More Dolls!

I keep getting more Mulan Dolls, they just keep going for great prices and I end up with them!

Well here we go!Collapse )

Mulan Collection Update!

Mulan Collection

From the left: Designer, Secret Hero (in the Purple) 8" Mulan in front of Hero, Imperial Beauty with the crown, Secret Message in the red dress, Spring Blossom, and Match Maker Magic.
Sitting: 2008 Disney Store Mulan, Sparkling Mulan, DS 2010 Mulan, and Singing Mulan!
Lots of Mulan Love today ^^

That's 11 dolls. Not pictured are Li Shang and my Mulan Toddler Doll. (And the 3 dolls that are on their way!)

Also, because everyone loves it so much, I'm taking photo requests! Any of my dolls you want to see photos of just let me know!! Vacation starts in 2 days and I still don't know which ones to bring!!