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New Adds!

So Super Sailor Moon has arrived!

Sailor Moon has some serious hair damage. I decided to see if I could bring some "life" to it and get it clean(er)

Here she is looking drowned xD

I used Rit to dye the elastic cord. It took pretty well.
Then I used Floss, a dental pick, and tweezers to feed the cord through. It was quite the daunting task!

I can't believe how two dolls from the same line can be so different. Chibi's Glove (right) fits her perfectly and they have a more pronounced thumb slot. Moon's gloves are a bit too big and they like to slide off.

Sailor Moon doesn't like to stand very much while Chibi doesn't like to sit. I knew Sailor Moon would be bigger, but it's really cool to see it in person!