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This is the doll journal of jo_fitz
I just love my dolls and I feel they needed a space of their own.
No photos will be over 500x500 and I'll try not to have more then 5-6 in an entry.
Due to the time it takes to post to Deviant art, I've stopped posting there. I will instead be posting to my Flickr where I have now moved all my hosting.
my flickr!
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my photo bucket

I leave you with Chibi Usa to continue on :)

Love Lessons

Bet you thought I was dead! (I've just been lazy with this journal!)

So I decided to take my LDD's out and do sort of a love-lessens theme with them.

First up Jill and Jack!

Be it sticking up for a friend or forgiving an enemy love has many different forms.Collapse )

LDD, Red Riding Hood!

I haven't done anything with her in a while, so I'm happy I took her out for a bit!

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.

Red is DeadCollapse )

Lots to Post! Mini Mulan

So last week Mini Mulan and I wen on an "adventure". I had to walk to the post office and on my way I stopped a few places to take photos :)

Here she is in someone's fence by their rose bush

This one is pretty photo heavy!Collapse )

Doll Talk

Lately I've really wanted more living dead dolls. It's just been a matter of waiting for the right one. I can't have anything too "grotesque" because the people I live with kind of put their foot down on that.
Today at Hot Topic (I ordered a Sailor Moon Belt!) I saw Hansel and Gretel along with Snow White and the Evil Step Mother. With Snow White making a big comeback in pop culture I wasn't surprised to see they made a LDD out of her. I wasn't really feeling her. I was so drawn to the Evil Queen though. She's pretty much EVERYTHING I've been wanting. She doesn't really look like an evil queen to me so much as a dead ninja assassin. I only found 1 photo online that even does her justice, and I think I'm going to have to get her!


Mulan again!

I got the Mini Disney Princess Collection Pack #2 (official name, what a mouth full!) So I took some photos with Mini Mulan.

more under cut!Collapse )

Moon Princess Pics!

Mulan Collection Update!

Designer, Secret Hero, Spring Blossom, Match Maker Magic, Imperial Beauty, Secret Message (she's been rebodied), Ballerina, Hearts of Honor Mulan and Li Shang, Real Riding Mulan and Kahn, Satiny Shimmer Mulan, 1997 Mini Mulan
2008 Disney Store Li Shang and Mulan, Tube Mulan in the Fashion Pack Dress, Sparkling Princess, Disney Store 2010 in the FP Warrior outfit, Shimmer, Blossom Beauty, and Singing Mulan!

And the ones I still need are dwindling. I have just a handful or so left to get.

I really enjoy collecting Mulan because her dolls are all different.

Operetta Changes Clothes!

I stated before that I thought there was WAY too much going on with her original outfit. I feel that the spider/music theme really reflects her charter and I didn't want to lose that. I think I did a good job, any suggestions are more then welcome.
two pics of the beautiful OperettaCollapse )